I sometimes get so caught up in doing everything for everyone that I tend to forget about my own wellbeing. Unfortunately it's just part of my nature to make sure other people are happy before myself... because in truth part of my own happiness is in seeing and experiencing their own. In fact many of my friends right now are happy or are on the cusp of being happy.

Though I did have an interesting conversation with someone who's like a 'friend of friends' during one of my few down times yesterday. He and I spoke about being true to yourself despite what others may think. Not a new conversation topic for me, but still it was nice having the talk with someone who I do not speak with on a regular basis. In fact it was enlightening especially when he mentioned that I am constantly 'on the go' and 'always doing something on SL'. Thinking back... yeah I am on there and lot and working almost all the time I'm connected.

Maybe I should cut back. Maybe I should take some more time to myself. I don't know. For the moment, however... there's so much going on that it's hard to pull myself away. At least as of this next week... my DJ shifts will be dropping down again so I can have -some- peace.

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