Okay so my images lately have been quick snaps in my Photosphere. I haven't had a ton of urge to move or even dress & then pose long enough for 'location shots'. That'll change after a few things settle down on my end between SL & RL. I'll be moving (again) in SL next week and I have a few more projects to finish for the shop as well including some more commission pieces and other things.

RL In-laws are here so my time in-world has been reduced to about 15-20 minutes to basically deal with any Mgr stuff and get my blog photo done. Kinda sucks that I'll most likely miss an important DJ set UC plans to do tomorrow at 8pm, and my own DJ schedule is changing so that I'll hear him less often now... but for both my sanity and my expenses I need the work.

Sometimes things happen for the better even when they seem to be at their worst, though...

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  1. ~Lainey~ Says:

    very true niecie. Everything happens for a reason. *hugs* oh I'm gonna steal those boots bahahahahaha <3