358/365 & 52 Colours: Yellow

So this week and next are 2 colors I generally do not wear very much at -all-... Yellow & Pink (Well okay Cerise which is still a form of Pink, LOL). Despite having a lack of interest in either color, I decided to make the most of it.

Yellow is one of those colors in which either you look amazing in or absolutely hideous in. This counts for both SL and RL due to various skin tones and hair shades. Luckily just like last week, I got a particular type of outfit in my head as soon as I saw the color. I saw... 50's Rockabilly. There's only one place to go for that in SL, IMHO and that's artilleri.


It only seemed fitting that I not only wear some of Antonia's items for my photos.... but also take the pics right there at her shop. :-D She has plenty more Rockabilly goodness inside if you've never been there (yes for dudes too).


This outfit was made much faster than I thought considering my lack of yellow inventory items... but it was still incredibly fun to do!

Now where's The Fonz when I need 'im? ;-)

All the Schtuff Guen's Got On:

Hair: artilleri ~ Rina in Chili
Skin: Grixdale ~ Teagan in Cozy Cream (Stumblebum Exclusive)
Ears: Schadenfreude ~ Fey Ear, Ankh & Plug (Stumblebum Exclusive)
Nails: Schadenfreude ~ Golden Apple Manicure
Shirt: artilleri ~ Selma Blouse in Yellow Dots
Jeans: Ibizarre ~ Rockstar Groupie Boyfriend Jeans
Glasses: artilleri ~ Love Love Glasses in Yellow
Necklace: Pooka Creations ~ Candycorn Charm Necklace
Bracelet: Muse ~ Gold & Freshwater Pearl Bracelet (No Longer Available)
Cancer Stick: Hello Dave ~ Sculpted Smokes Medium
Sneakers: Urban Bomb Unit ~ PornStar Hi-Tops set to Yellow

Sitting Poses: SEmotion

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  1. Luna Jubilee Says:

    you're so right ... but you look great in yellow! I can't wait to see what you come up with for cerise :)