52 Colours: Taupe

k so folks weren't exactly thrilled about my Indigo post. Oh well. Can't make everyone happy.

Anyways doing the Taupe one was pretty easy for me... even though "Taupe" is another one of those really weird colors. Is it brown? Is it tan? Beige? Grey? Olive green? Nah it's just.... taupe.


Most of this outfit came from Sassy Kitty Designs with the jeans & flats as part of a Hunt outfit Kinu made. I am not sure if you can still pick these up but you can certainly ask her. The sweater is still available and includes color change maple leaves on the collar.


The eyes are from By Snow and available at the Extend a Helping Hand Event along with a matching green pair. Both pairs are quickly growing on me even though I generally don't wear eyes quite that large.


All the Schtuff Guen's Got On:

Hair: Truth ~ Mena in Blood
Skin: Grixdale ~ Teagan Spirited in Cream w/ Brown Brows
Eyes: In Snow ~ Steel Eyes
Ears: Schadenfreude ~ Fey Ears
Eyelashes: Dutch Touch ~ MaAn Eyelashes
Lip Enhancement: Tuli ~ Elusive Lips in Red
Necklace: Collisions ~ Fallen Leaves Lariat Necklace in Copper
Sweater: Sassy Kitty Designs ~ Fallen Leaves Pull in Taupe
Jeans: Sassy Kitty Designs ~ Fallen Leaves Jeans
Shoes: Sassy Kitty Designs ~ Fallen Leaves Flat Shoes

1st Photo: Diesel Works
2nd Photo: Reel Expression
3rd Photo: Long Awkward Pose

3 Responses
  1. Mayala Loon Says:

    you're indigo post wasn't that bad, maybe just a lil dark ... at least on my screen ...
    and this taupe outfit is really cute ...
    and matches so well with the necklace ... although I already start longing for spring ... this autumn look is an eyecatcher :-)

  2. Love this outfit. I have it in black. Very, very cute!

  3. Luna Jubilee Says:

    You look awesome! <3