52 Colours: Ecru


Okay so Ecru is another one of those colours that's strictly up to interpretation. I always have seen it in more of an "off-white" palette rather than brown or beige. Still... just to be fair I decided to show both the dark and light sides of the shade this time.

I found inspiration first in this new dress from Violent Seduction and then in a beautiful new elven skin from The Plastik for Fifty Linden Friday. Something about mixing Victorian with Fantasy just made me twinge with excitement. :-)

Oh and I did have a front shot of this outfit as well, but it just wasn't nearly as magical as this one so I dropped it.

All the Schtuff Guen's Got On:

Hair: Crimson + Clover ~ Crinaeae in White (Sadly the store is no more)
Skin: The Plastik ~ Ataciara Elven Valah Hominid in Light
Eyes: Frick ~ Clockwork Eyes in Brown
Outfit: Violent Seduction ~ Muse in Faun

Pose: Glitterati

~ Taken at Two Sisters Market

9 Responses
  1. Wow, Guen!! That is just stunning! Fabulous work.

  2. Mayala Loon Says:

    Love the pic, the outfit and the magic ...
    tho somehow part of the magic is that a very tasty piece of a virtual wedding cake just past my inner eye and now I'm longing for the sweetest of pastries .... mmmmmmhhhhhhh

  3. Oh, this is just BEAUTIFUL..period.

  4. Rudhmellowen Says:

    Oh my gosh its totally gorgeous... I wanted that dress lol!! You look stunning!

  5. Asia Romano Says:

    Fantastic pic and outfit you rocked ecru :)

  6. tes Says:

    WOW...that dress is GORGEOUS! What a wonderful shot! REALLY beautiful!

  7. This is SOOOO pretty! You did an AMAZING job capturing a magical moment. Thanks so much for stopping by my site...I feel honored!

  8. Lovely shot. The the first thing I noticed was your awesome hair, but read sadly that it wasn't available!