12 Days of Lingerie - Day #3 & Love...

12 Days of Lingerie - Day #3

Today I was feeling a bit more dark and sultry for the lingerie photo...

I was planning to run by Sn@tch already since Ivey's having another awesome storewide sale on her items this weekend. I saw a set of lace bodysuits on one of the New Release walls (the New Release stuff is not for sale, btw) and knew it would be perfect for a Lingerie pic.


Luna also offered up a mini Love Challenge to kind of help boost everyone's spirits lately. I think it's a really cute idea and so I'll toss in my own list of what I love in Second Life.

* My wonderful SL family: Some I've met already in RL and others I will definitely meet soon. Each one of these people has enriched both my SL & RL and I cherish every moment.

* With a few exceptions, most of the people I've met in SL have been extremely open minded, loving and absolutely marvelous to hang out with.

* Music: I have learned so much more about different types of music by listening and talking with fellow DJs.

* Corsets: Due to the surgery I had on my ribs, I cannot wear most corsets in RL. So instead I cherish the beauty of corsets and corset making in SL.

* My Store: Simply put, I wouldn't keep creating things in SL if I didn't love it.

* A slow dance with someone special.

* This pic :-)

Burton Sunset

All the Pretties Guen's Wearing Above


Hair: Truth ~ Evelyn in Blood
Skin: Ploom ~ Lea Smoke in Honey
Eyes: Schadenfreude ~ Merflake Eyes
Eyelashes: Ploom ~ Lashes 6
Necklace: Rebel Xtravaganza ~ OniGirl Necklace (Free at main store)
Lingerie: Sn@tch ~ Boudouir Lace Bodysuit in Pink

Pose: Diesel Works

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