52 Colours II: Alice Blue

52 Colours II: Alice Blue 1

This week is a colour I actually enjoyed. For starters I had everything in my inventory already for this round which made it a lot easier (and less frustrating). It also gave me a chance to experiment a bit more with the Exodus Viewer and shadowing that I can't get on any other Viewer. The shadow in the top photo is not Photoshopped which I'm actually very proud of. ;-)

The soft blue top I got from Grixdale during one of Tyr's sales a while back but after that I hadn't worn it very often. A real shame since the colour is very soft and subtle... and I'm always a sucker for Bohemian styles like this.

52 Colours II: Alice Blue 2

My general mood is slowly getting better, btw. Had a few moments last night that made me both smile and cry. It's going to be a slow healing process, I think... but as always it'll be worth it.

All the Schtuff Guen's Wearing

Hair: Exile ~ Josie in Rust (tinted slightly more red)
Skin: Ploom ~ Lea Smoke in Honey
Eyes: A.D.D. Andel ~ Aurora Eyes in Peacock
Eyelashes: Ploom ~ Lashes 6
Earrings: Collisions ~ Gillian's Anguish
Blouse: Grixdale ~ My Vintage Frock in Sparrow
Jeans: Nomine ~ Rusted Pants in Light Rose
Heels: SAKIDE ~ Croc Pumps in White

Pose: Long Awkward Pose

5 Responses
  1. Rudhmellowen Says:

    So pretty, very feminine. You look much happier than you were last week, glad to see you lookin happier... love the look guen!

  2. Ygrey Auer Says:

    I love it. Perfect for RL!

  3. I like going boho, too, and that is such a pretty top. And happy you're on the mend:)

  4. Beautiful and soft.

  5. moniq Says:

    I love the styling!<3