The Ultimate Sin

Nearly 25 million women and 7 million men worldwide are raped and/or physically assaulted by an intimate partner in their lifetime.


If there's any case where sexual assault is often not reported or spoken about... it's when the attacker is someone in your own home. The person you share a bed with almost all the time. The same individual whom you see, converse and have meals with on a regular basis. The one who said he or she loves you with all his or her heart.

For many of us, it seems so irrational and furthermore impossible for a life partner to even attempt something like this... but the statistics above say otherwise. What's worse is that unlike many others who are sexually abused, these victims still see the face of their attackers every day. They live in fear in their own home that it could happen again, and more often than not it doesn't stop.


This topic is very close to me as once upon a time I was not only physically abused but also sexually abused by someone I was intimately involved with at the time. It took me over 3 years to realize just how damaging it was to not only my body but also my mind & spirit. It wasn't until I got pregnant that I had the strength and will to escape. I knew that I could not let my child become yet another victim. I packed up what little items I could fit in my car and even at 8 months pregnant I drove myself almost 2000 miles away so that my daughter could have a better life.

To this day... I think I made the right decision not only for her but for myself.

Please don't ever think that the abuse is your fault. Don't ever think that your partner did this out of love. There's someone out there in this world who will love you so much more, and without all the pain that you've had to suffer through.


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