30 Days of Gratitude ~ Days 13, 14 & 15

Wow these days go quick. Is this a sign I'm finally getting old? I sure hope not, but here's my newest list of things I am truly grateful for...

1) I actually cleaned up my entire apartment in one afternoon. Granted I was extremely sore after said endeavor... but it was nice to have the place a little more organized than before.

2) Finally watched my first Blueray film on the big TV. It's one thing to watch HD on the computer screen, but it's a whole other thing to see all the vibrant colors and hear the immersed sound with a full entertainment system. What film was it? Inception. :-)

3) "Thank you for being You". I still consider that one of the best compliments you can ever receive for someone... and I've been hearing it a lot as of late.


[16:47] Vaughn Highwater: I dislike the idea of second hand violence
[16:48] Guen (guenevere.decuir): you prefer first hand violence then?
[16:48] Vaughn Highwater: all the time


We are so beautiful
We are so young
Infinitely horny
We are so dumb
We are spoiled
and elegant
We are brutal
and yet charming
We are so hip
We are so cool
A little bi
A little gay
We are so wild
and so experienced
Fierce and
perfectly programmed

6) Simply feeling... content with myself right now. :-)

7) Seeing someone blog your items when he or she didn't need to.

8) Finding someone's phone number which you thought you'd lost, but because you're such a stickler for remembering things you wrote it down and stuck it in a safe spot "just in case".

9) Having someone stick around for my DJ set simply to hear my giggle on air. ;-)


[13:09]  The Mis The Sir (themis.enzo): oh guen
[13:09]  The Mis The Sir (themis.enzo): you're awesome
[13:09]  Guen (guenevere.decuir): LOL :-D
[13:09]  The Mis The Sir (themis.enzo): :D

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