30 Days of Gratitude... um... Days 4, 5 & 6

Yeah I know... I'm already being a super slacker on this... but I did keep track of all the gratitude to make one huge list ;-)

[17:09] Ozark Hax: its just... sometimes during DJing a dj feels safe enough to show who he trully is, what he trully feels like... i guess today was that day to me
[17:10] Guen (guenevere.decuir): Awesome when that happens, huh?
[17:10] Ozark Hax: yes... it should happen all the time
[17:10] Guen (guenevere.decuir): Yes it should

2) Game of Thrones has returned! And there was much rejoicing! \o/

3) Um... yeah I made some new jewelry. And some dude was kind enough to take his shirt off for the photo.

.:Collisions:. Saturday Night Special Jewelry Set

4) It'sJustSomeRandomGuy is still making YouTube videos... which calls for more rejoicing!

5) Epic Rainbow is Epic... especially over the city I live in. :-)


Check out more here!

6) *After discussing all the crazy projects both SAKIDE and CoLLisions have lined up for the next few months*

[12:28]  Guen (guenevere.decuir): Why do we do this to ourselves? LOL
[12:28]  кιиυ (kinu.mayako): lmao for money
[12:29]  Guen (guenevere.decuir): okay true :-P
[12:29]  кιиυ (kinu.mayako): and passion a bit too xD
[12:31]  Guen (guenevere.decuir): LOL

7) As Otis Redding once said, "All we need to do is Try a Little Tenderness"... even if Ducky doesn't get the girl of his dreams.

8) Having 3 hour conversations with a good friend... not realizing that 3 hours just went by.

9) Genuine Kona Coffee from Hawaii. It's one of my few morning pleasures. $14.00 a pound but totally worth it, trust me.

10) Will be seeing Seether and Rammstein in separate concerts later this month. Both shows are bound to be incredible!

11) Finding Bluray movies on Amazon that are cheaper than the standard DVD versions = WIN!

12) Just hearing someone tell you that you're awesome when they don't need to. :-)

13) Got invited to join the Mall at Jersey Shore on SL. Considering all the wonderfully talented designers who are already in the Mall... I consider this a HUGE complement. Eventually will join up with Grenade Free Wednesdays as well.

14) Having someone who hasn't pinged you on Skype for months suddenly send you a message that makes you smile.

15) When you can just sit there in silence for 1 minute and feel totally at peace with yourself.

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