I still recall the taste of your tears.
Echoing your voice just like the ringing in my ears.
My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore.
Scraping through my head 'til I don't want to sleep anymore.

You make this all go away.
You make this all go away.
I'm down to just one thing.
And I'm starting to scare myself.
You make this all go away.
You make this all go away.
I just want something.
I just want something I can never have.

You always were the one to show me how
Back then I couldn't do the things that I can do now.
This thing is slowly taking me apart.
Grey would be the color if I had a heart.

Come on tell me

You make this all go away.
You make this all go away.
I'm down to just one thing.
And I'm starting to scare myself.
You make this all go away.
You make this all go away.
I just want something.
I just want something I can never have.

In this place it seems like such a shame.
Though it all looks different now,
I know it's still the same.
Everywhere I look you're all I see.
Just a fading fucking reminder of who I used to be.

Come on tell me

You make this all go away.
You make this all go away.
I'm down to just one thing.
And I'm starting to scare myself.
You make this all go away.
You make this all go away.
I just want something.
I just want something I can never have.

I just want something I can never have...

Something I Can Never Have ~ Nine Inch Nails



Wow I'm already halfway through these 365 posts. The time sure has flown already. Just another 6 months to go, though I'll admit that doing each post has become a part of my daily routine. I don't know if I'll keep it up by the time it's all over but you never know. A lot can change in 6 months... especially when 6 months in SL is like 3 years. :-P

I popped by Lounge of Dreams after a marathon of smashing Kobolds, Zombies & pesky Cave Bats to hear some awesome tunes by the resident Tiger, Phant. He's got an eclectic taste in tunes like I do so it's nice to hear his sets when I actually have the time.

I also caught that the Club lost a dancer who'd been... well to put it nicely he's been a bit of a pest to all of the staff including me. He's a good dancer... just didn't quite understand the concept of privacy or when to stop talking. If anything our IM boxes will be a lot quieter.



I say "Thank You" to the millions of soldiers who have given their lives over the centuries because they fought for the beliefs and freedoms that we can all now cherish.

I know that War is brutal, but sometimes... there is no other choice for something you feel so strongly about preserving or changing.



Yeah I know I went through a few days without a lot to say really.

Truth be told tho, this week has been a huge roller coaster on my emotions. I mean... HUGE.

It started with the craziness Monday with the Live Concerts at SR. The prep was sooo wonky between miscommunication, different login times, and a few oversights that by the time the thing started I was about to go bald both in SL and RL. I was actually in tears twice over the course of the day but in the end, it the concerts were just perfect. What made it all the more special was having UC show up and hang out as well. He didn't have to... but I certainly enjoyed his company.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday were slow days for me DJing but I was more concerned about finishing a larger project I'd been working on for the store. I had to make 4 special (and never released) items for the Black & Blue Fair that starts next week. I'm one of only 2 tattoo shops in the thing and there's like a TON of well known & talented designers in it. I feel a little overwhelmed by all the big names as I'm really still just a fledgling store, but I'm certainly honored to be a part of it. Got the last two designs for this done this week, but I also offered to blog some of the items next week so you'll be seeing a bit of that soonish.

Friday? Let me just say that I was expecting Friday to be even more slow than the rest of the week due to the holiday weekend here in the States. Nopers. In fact both Sanctuary Rock and Lounge of Dreams during my shifts were overflowing with awesomeness. Trapt (who dances on my Friday shifts) joked that I was drunk by the way I was acting on the mic at SR, though really... I don't so much get drunk on booze as I do get drunk on the reactions of the crowd. Being the Empath that I am, the crowd greatly effects how my DJ sets will go. If the patrons are really into the tunes, I tend to get into a groove with a certain style or rhythm... which in turn makes the crowd react even more. It's a beautifully symbiotic relationship if you can call it that, but I only get sets like that every so often.

I know that my set especially on Wednesday was pretty slow, but that was because I wasn't exactly in the best spirits. I was reminded of something (not intentionally) that has been bothering me for some time and it melded into my music selections. For the second time in a week I was in tears, and I tried very hard to not let anyone know I was upset. I made it through the set, but it was very difficult. It did bring some old feelings back to the surface that are probably gonna linger in my brain (again... unintentional), but there's very little that I can do about the situation that's caused this turmoil.

That's probably what makes it hurt even more.







Hands raised full of sin, this is where the story began
As my halo, I'm scarred by where I've been

This ain't over, till it's over
This ain't over, till it's over, yeah

The hell I've been through, I saw my face in the bottom of a bottle
The hell I've gone through, to be reborn, reborn, again
The hell I've been through, shot down, ran through, dragged through
The hell I've gone through, to be reborn, reborn, again, again

Tear away, redefine
Bring me down, this life
Take what's wrong and make it right
Crucified every time I tried

This ain't over, roll me over
This ain't over, till it's, till it's over

The hell I've been through, I saw my face in the bottom of a bottle
The hell I've gone through, to be reborn, reborn, again
The hell I've been through, shot down, ran through, dragged through
The hell I've gone through, to be reborn, reborn, again

This love, this hate, this game
Don't want to remember
Made numb, mute, unreal
I can't forget, I can't forget
No, I won't, I can't forget

Yeah, good god damn
The hell I've been through, I saw my face in the bottom of a bottle
The hell I've gone through, to be reborn, reborn, again
The hell I've been through, shot down, ran through, dragged through
The hell I've gone through, to be reborn, reborn, again

Reborn, reborn, yeah I'm reborn again
I won't forget, no

Reborn ~ Drowning Pool



Well in the midst of a lot of craziness that happened today, there certainly was a few moments of reflection. While I had a moment at my shop to fix a set of posters, a customer walked in and found me upstairs. After some talk about my products she and I got into a very philosophical and inquisitive conversation.

[11:35] Morag Wildrose: how can so many adults have no mind off their own
[11:36] Guenevere DeCuir: Too much time as kids being shielded from reality
[11:36] Morag Wildrose: there is something wrong in our societies
[11:37] Guenevere DeCuir: I agree
[11:37] Morag Wildrose: when so many people that consider themselfs 'normal' agree to kill for religion
[11:37] Morag Wildrose: of profit
[11:37] Morag Wildrose: and think that sex is evil
[11:38] Guenevere DeCuir: And then persecute religions & lifestyles that they do not understand
[11:39] Morag Wildrose: they are told not to understand
[11:39] Guenevere DeCuir: Just to hate
[11:39] Morag Wildrose: yes

[11:45] Morag Wildrose: the majority of humanity
[11:45] Morag Wildrose: cannot think independantly
[11:45] Morag Wildrose: nature creates the order
[11:45] Morag Wildrose: we corrupt it
[11:46] Morag Wildrose: and the majority do as they are told
[11:46] Morag Wildrose: believe as they are told
[11:46] Morag Wildrose: and live in blissfull ignorance

[11:48] Morag Wildrose: a religious leader
[11:48] Morag Wildrose: says do not hate
[11:49] Morag Wildrose: and that is the lip service paid to the truth
[11:49] Morag Wildrose: there after they teach hatred of race
[11:49] Morag Wildrose: intolerance off diversity
[11:49] Morag Wildrose: religious or sexual
[11:49] Morag Wildrose: or even political
[11:50] Morag Wildrose: advocate wars
[11:50] Morag Wildrose: calling them justified
[11:50] Morag Wildrose: and blessing the warriors
[11:50] Morag Wildrose: the other side does the same
[11:50] Morag Wildrose: both lose loved ones
[11:51] Morag Wildrose: and there is only fuel for more hate

[11:54] Guenevere DeCuir: I can understand that. Just over at Sable Rose... the owner has a 'Plus Size' Avatar. She gets critisized a lot as why she didn't make a more 'beautiful' shape.
[11:54] Guenevere DeCuir: Thing is.... she's beautiful just the way she is.
[11:54] Morag Wildrose: yes
[11:54] Morag Wildrose: exactly
[11:55] Morag Wildrose: that is what I mean
[11:55] Morag Wildrose: why cant they see the integrity, of that person
[11:55] Morag Wildrose: , and the strength of character
[11:56] Guenevere DeCuir: Some people only see appearance. Not the person behind the pixels

[12:07] Morag Wildrose: i am really not so different
[12:07] Morag Wildrose: because
[12:08] Morag Wildrose: i want all the small minds gone
[12:08] Morag Wildrose: which is the same as their rejection of whatever they dont want to accept
[12:09] Guenevere DeCuir: An intolerance of intolerance?
[12:09] Morag Wildrose: yes
[12:09] Morag Wildrose: ironically
[12:10] Morag Wildrose: it still undermines any delusions of superiority
[12:10] Morag Wildrose: so i am left with a wry smile

[12:12] Morag Wildrose: you need somebody that knows what it is they do
[12:13] Morag Wildrose: who has the same adventerous soul
[12:13] Morag Wildrose: and is honest enough to acknowledge their flaws
[12:13] Guenevere DeCuir: Hard to find someone like that

Just two strangers passing at the right time and place, with similar thoughts and interests. As you can see I let her so most of the talking... but truthfully you can learn so much more by simply listening.



Well call me the Queen of FAIL.

There's a huge Live Event tonight at SR that up until 8am this morning I had hardly any info about. Not for lack of trying... just weird planning. So now I'm scrambling to get all the info updated 9 hours before it happens.

I'd rather just go curl up into a ball.

This is why I shouldn't be a Live Event person, tho. UC was 500% better at it. I probably won't be able to handle another one of these at this rate.



Yep today was 'World Goth Day'. Rykk decided to make it all official with a 3 hour set of Goth & Goth-like music at Freakheim. All the tunes were incredible and as always the conversations were as Freaky as ever.

A few hours before a good bit of the Staff had a meeting to discuss some ideas to bring more patrons to the club. The biggest thing that was mentioned was to keep the focus of Freakheim all about the music and the eclectic mix of DJ's whom Staff there. I thoroughly agree with this philosophy since the music, the atmosphere, and the great people who hang out are the 3 best reasons to go to a club... whether it be RL or SL.

Which brings me to a semi annoyance.

There's a patron who mainly shows up for Rykk's sets ('cause Rykk's usually have the most Prize money) tho sometimes she does come to the DJ Battles ('cause there's MORE Prize money). She hardly ever says anything. She doesn't really interact with anyone. She doesn't tip Rykk, his Host, the Donation Box, or even the RFL kiosk. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't listen to the music either. She just sits there... usually in some animal avatar (to get attention) and waits for voting. Once the board gives the Prize payout... she TP's out within 2-3 minutes.

Tonight she hit the ultimate low...

[18:55] (Patron): [18:55] Contest Board V2.20 Pro: You voted for Guenevere DeCuir
[18:55] (Patron): lol
[18:55] Guenevere DeCuir: thanks
[18:56] (Patron): yw

Um... was that supposed to make me vote for her in return? I'm sorry but I refuse to vote for people like that. I was polite to her, but I'd already voted for the 3rd person on the board before she even IMed me.

Regardless, she goes against everything that Freakheim stands for. It's downright heartbreaking that there's people like that out there... but it's not my club. It's up to Rykk & Kaedy to decide what to do with people like her, but I know they'll handle it with dignity and integrity.



And here's the new layout of Sanctuary Rock. I think it'll help a lot with some of the lag problems the club has been having. We'll see.

As expected we've already had some issues with a few of the vendors.

One in particular threw such a hissy because her store couldn't be like 2 meters from a teleport spot.

This was her convo with our Mall Manager this morning:

[10:28] (Bitchy Vendor): i cant find my shop
[10:29] Anesthasia Lyon: Hello :)
[10:29] (Bitchy Vendor): my shop was next to alyssa bijoux
[10:29] Anesthasia Lyon: Pick one that is blocked off by black if you like or any others. The hubs are the sr logos on the floor
[10:29] (Bitchy Vendor): in the alt mall
[10:30] Anesthasia Lyon: the landing points will be the SR logos on the ground and alternate
[10:33] (Bitchy Vendor): oh...i had a very good spot in the alt mall:( thasts not fair
[10:33] Anesthasia Lyon: there are spots blocked off with black in the doors near the landing points
[10:34] Anesthasia Lyon: and we have been open for 4 1/2 hours and aly moved out to the pathway
[10:34] Second Life: User not online - message will be stored and delivered later.
[11:13] (Bitchy Vendor): and I only came because of you online and as a disaster
[11:13] Anesthasia Lyon: im sorry?
[11:13] (Bitchy Vendor): i hope so
[11:14] Anesthasia Lyon: No i dont understand what you mean as a disaster?
[11:14] Anesthasia Lyon: im not sorry for anything i merely do not understand what you meant
[11:15] (Bitchy Vendor): i cant fint a reserved shop for me!?
[11:15] Anesthasia Lyon: Because we didnt resever one for you i had no logo but we did mark some off with black barriors if you want to choose one
[11:25] (Bitchy Vendor): no thanks .. all the good shops are gone. have a nice time.

Keep in mind this gal never actually spoke to anyone about reserving a spot. She thought she was such a 'big name' that we'd just reserve one for her without asking. Um.... doesn't work that way, darlin'. Also there were still plenty of 'good spots' available at 11 am, she simply was too damn picky to grab one that met her standards.

So, since we couldn't read her mind and yanno... build the mall specifically to HER needs, she's taking her wares elsewhere.

BTW she makes boots... and not even good boots, so in the end we'll no longer have to deal with her or her 'You should worship me' attitude. Good riddance.



Today was a strange day, no doubt. Had its ups and downs. Had its share of annoyances and joys. Still... it never ceases to amaze me the conversations that can happen between people whom without Second Life or any other medium of the internet would ever be able to interact.

At Lounge of Dreams tonight near the end of my shift we all got incredibly philosophical. It was amazing to see the various types of quotes and sayings that folks were throwing out from various authors, songs, and other media. One quote in particular struck us all above any others...

[19:53] Zarabella Ming: Right now, you and me here, put together entirely from atoms, sitting on this round rock with a core of liquid iron, held down by this force of this trouble you call gravity, all the while spinning around the sun at 67 thousand miles an hour and whizzing through the Milky Way at 600 thousand miles an hour.. in a universe that very well may be chasing its own tail at the speed of light.. and amidst all this frantic activity, fully cognizant of our own imminent demise - which is a very pretty way of saying we all know we're going to die -- we reach out, to one another, sometimes for the sake of vanity, sometimes for reasons you may not understand yet, .. but a lot of the time we just reach out .. and expect nothing in return. Isn't that strange? Isn't that weird?

Who knew that a bunch of rowdy folks at a Strip Club could be so deep? ;-)



Welp SR tonight was so crazy during my shift that I couldn't even save a Photo properly so had to do 'Print Screen' to even get one.

The Sim is gonna be remodeled again after tomorrow's events, so I guess this'll be the last pic I take with it looking like this too. ;-)

I really took this pic to show that some people just have noooooo concept of having their face lamp too fucking bright. The person whom owns this ridiculously nuclear thing is not in the photo but she's down just below where Glory's standing. I'm almost to the point of asking people at the club to either turn them down or take them off 'cause really... it's annoying as shit for everyone.

And if you're all wondering... yes I wear a face lamp myself, but I keep set it super low 'cause really no one needs their retinas burned out on my account. If only more folks had the same (un)common sense. :-P



You didn't have to love me like you did
But you did, but you did.
And I thank you.
You didn't have to love me like you did
But you did, but you did.
And I thank you.
But you took your love to someone else
I wouldn't know what it meant to be loved to death.

You made me feel like I've never felt
Kisses so good I had to holler for help
You didn't have to squeeze it but you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.
You didn't have to hold it but you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.

Every day was something new,
You put on your bag and your fine to-do
You got me trying new things too
Just so I can keep up with you.

You didn't have to shake it but you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.
You didn't have to make it like you did
But you did but you did
And I thank you.

All my life I've been shortchanged
Without your love baby it's a crying shame
But now I know what the fellas talking about
Hear me say that they been turned out
I want to thank you
I want to thank you
I want to thank you
Yes, I want to thank you.

I Thank You ~ ZZ Top



So the latest news around the interwebz is that Ronnie James Dio lost his battle with Cancer Sunday morning. We'd known for months that he was fighting the disease, and so as much as people are sad at his passing... I'm actually glad that he's no longer in pain.

He gave us all a great gift with his voice and his music, to be sure. Only Dio could have had songs with such obscure titles like 'Rainbow in the Dark', 'Man on the Silver Mountain' and 'Sunset Superman' while still making them rock as hard as ever.

Well now he can jam in the next life along with all the other awesome singers who have left us all too early.



Took a moment in my crazy afternoon to go hear Rosie Barthelmess sing at the Clock Tower. As always she did an awesome job.

On the flipside, no one should ever let UC or Erika sing at a public venue:

I can't take credit for this video, tho as it was done by the awesome Mayala. ;-)



For the past couple weeks, Kinu Mayako of Sassy Kitty Designs and I have been chatting about Store stuff between our two stores. She got me into a new sales promotion to replace 60L Weekends AND helped me get into the Black & Blue Fair which starts in a couple weeks. Even tho her store is MUCH more recognized than mine, I've also managed to give her some tips in return as far as sale ideas and so forth.

So yesterday she tells me while we're chatting in IMs that my Stall is ready at Sassy City. I'm like... I haz a Stall??? Turns out she saved me a small cart right down the walkway from her front entrance to put a few prims on. Now keep in mind I've never asked her to have a store at Sassy City. Heck, it's not even crossed my mind to get another store location right now. But she asked me to come on over today and set a few things out.

What you see in the background behind Kinu & me in this pic (in the upper right had corner) is where the new cart is. Even more cool is that about 10 minutes after I finished setting up I got 6 sales.

It was definitely a nice feeling, and Kinu is such a sweetheart for letting me have not only this little space on her Sim but her overall friendship and love. <3



It appears we've hit another time in SL as far as folks who have finally had it lose its lustre.

Lounge of Dreams has had a lot of their Hosts recently get pulled away for RL via various reasons. The latest one was a gal who had been away already until 2 weeks ago, but then returned for a short while. Was nice to have her back but then suddenly yesterday 2 Hours before her shift she sent everyone a note that she no longer had interest in SL and was leaving for good. Of course this left the Managers in a scramble to find a cover and I know how much of a pain in the ass that can be. It's so much of a pain that the Host Mgr sent out a note telling all the hosts to put up or shut up. I don't blame her for doing that, really as she doesn't deserve the stress.

SR also had a DJ quit this week in which he cited that DJing was no longer fun for him. I dunno if he's just had shitty shifts or what but I've never found Djing to be boring unless folks simply do not show up. Still... I wish him well and hopefully he'll try to DJ again at some point.

Finally I've read on some other blogs such as Tempest's talking about feeling "blah" about SL and Chestnut's speaking about blogging becoming more difficult. In both cases I can understand their points of view. I've been in both states of mind at various times. Sometimes I still loathe logging in and have no interest in doing -another- blog photo... but I force my way through it, and truthfully the experiences have been more overall rewarding than not.

I know that doing anything for too long can become tedious. Hell I barely touch my Facebook page anymore and I used to check that thing 2-3 times a DAY. Ever since I went completely 'cold turkey' from all the games on there I haven't had much reason to pop on other than to answer the occasional message or friend request.

Life goes on, though... whether it be your first or second. I know I'll grow tired of Second Life and leave one of these days, but heck I stuck with MUSHing for 14 years so who knows?



I noticed a couple of things while I was getting this photo prepared for tonight:

1) I tend to take a ton of my photos in front of Sunsets or Sunrises.

2) When I checked the Map of Four Corners (to make sure I wouldn't accidentally photograph anyone else), I noticed 4 duos of little green dots... and me.

The first one I find semi-ironic since IRL I hate going out when the sun is super bright. Especially in the area of the world I'm in RL, the sun can get soooo bad in the Summertime that it can be a real hassle to go out and do much of anything without sweating a good 2-3 pounds off of ya.

And yet there's something absolutely magical about watching a sunrise or sunset. Something about the mixture of reds, yellows and oranges that paint such a beautiful mural of hues against the pale blue sky. And what's even more delightful is that no sunrise or sunset is ever the same. Twice a day, every day you get the chance to experience this incredible moment right when the sun touches the horizon. I can also say that some of the most wonderful moments in my life happened during either a sunrise or sunset... so I guess in reality there's no big mystery that it's become a big part of my SL photography.

The second thing on this list made me pause for a few moments as I stared at those tiny orbs of emerald. Again, folks wonder why I would want to have a companion in SL. Seeing all those couples enjoying each others' company while I stand in this gazebo alone doesn't make me wonder at all.

What's even more saddening is that there IS someone out there. There is someone in SL who makes me whole. There is someone who knows how to make me laugh with only one word. There is someone who still makes my heart and my gut tremble slightly when he logs in. I would do just about anything for this person... and I've done quite a bit for him already.

Sometimes I want to pull him through my screen and shake him so damn hard that he gets whiplash. Sometimes I want to type and type and type all the words stuck in my head and flood his entire IM box with those sentences so they won't stay lodged in there any longer. Sometimes I just want him to know how I feel.

But I can't. He's not ready... and may not ever be ready again. I have come to accept his choice, even if it can be very difficult at times. He is stuck with me in some fashion, tho... whether he likes it or not.

Damn those little green dots.



Remember this old pic? LOL

Yeah I let it resurface due to an IM convo I had today with my friend, Valin.

[17:01] Valin Reiner: i HATE how elfs are freakin EVERYWHERE now...
[17:01] Guenevere DeCuir: LOL
[17:01] Valin Reiner: how are you?
[17:01] Guenevere DeCuir: Besides being the original SR elf? ;-)
[17:01] Valin Reiner: exactly!
[17:01] Valin Reiner: its the new neko
[17:01] Guenevere DeCuir: YUS
[17:02] Guenevere DeCuir: I wasn't the first but I was one of the first
[17:02] Valin Reiner: i know
[17:02] Guenevere DeCuir: It just kinda spread like wildfire
[17:03] Valin Reiner: yah it has
[17:03] Valin Reiner: not knowing any lore or anything
[17:03] Valin Reiner: i was drow for the longest cuz i liked the darkelfs in lineage 2
[17:03] Valin Reiner: just thought they were sexy is all
[17:04] Guenevere DeCuir: heh I have drow skins and stuff
[17:04] Valin Reiner: :)
[17:04] Guenevere DeCuir: Played a Drow in Tabletop D&D and now on DDO
[17:04] Valin Reiner: niiice
[17:04] Valin Reiner: nerd :P
[17:04] Guenevere DeCuir: I prefer the term "Geek"
[17:04] Valin Reiner: hahhaha
[17:05] Guenevere DeCuir: And proud of it
[17:05] Valin Reiner: damn straight
[17:05] Guenevere DeCuir: hehe
[17:06] Guenevere DeCuir: I think after Kinu started wearing the ears... everyone else copied her
[17:06] Valin Reiner: ohh man
[17:06] Guenevere DeCuir: I was the only elf for like a year
[17:07] Valin Reiner: yah i remember
[17:07] Valin Reiner: they are freakin everywhere now.. and i mean its rare to see a non elf these days
[17:08] Guenevere DeCuir: Yeah
[17:10] Guenevere DeCuir: Is what it is tho
[17:10] Valin Reiner: well dont change
[17:10] Valin Reiner: its u
[17:10] Guenevere DeCuir: :-)

He is right, tho. Elf Avatars have become the new "fad" lately since a lot of designers have recently released pointy ears in various shapes and sizes. Elusyve was already an elf for years before I finally joined the ranks. I ran around fantasy Sims in my early SL months seeing amazing Drow & Moon Elf Avatars... but that was specifically for RP.

Some of these other folks don't even wear the ears full time, but heck I feel naked at this point without them. I'm sure a few of them will grow tired of the ears and move on to the next "fad" once it comes around. Still, it feels weird now that I've been an Elf for over a year and a half... and yet I don't feel quite as special anymore. Maybe it'll pass...



So there's this article out on the internetz that Emerald was hacked and is giving out personal information about SL users.

All I'm gonna say to that is... there's plenty of other portions of technology that do this already. Just about the only way to NOT give out any information about yourself in this day and age is to either be Osama bin Laden, or to never use a computer, credit card, cell phone, or.... well you get the point.

Some folks in this world are just too paranoid, and soon it'll feel more and more like George Orwell's 1984 whether we like it or not.



Oye today I got a serious case of "I don't wanna do anything productive". Of course I can't do that for too long since I got some projects due on the horizon like the Macabre Hunt starting on Thursday. Of course like a dork I got the starting date of the Macabre Hunt and the ending date of the Beltane Hunt completely backwards so I actually have 2 days to finish my Macabre item instead of 4. Joy. :-P I actually have the gift half done, but I have gotten side tracked or lazy (like today) on finishing it.

I know it's my own fault. I have a habit of putting some projects off 'til the last minute. And course I'm rushing like a crazy person making sure I get it done in the nick of time. Ironically my first Macabre Gifts I had done about 2-3 days before the Hunt started. I probably would have done the same here except I was in a horrible state of mind to work on it.

And BTW, no the apple in this pic is not the final placement of my hunt item. I may be a procrastinating dork but I'm not gonna make it that easy for you all. ;-)



Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. <3



So I'm surprised that I actually got a lot done today in SL. I sent out a Mother's Day Gift to my Store Group and a few friends this morning which was a bracelet with some Norse Rune charms that I'd been wanting to do for some time.

After that I got off my butt and moved all my stuff down the way to my new (and slightly larger) shop a few meters down from the last one at the Shopatorium. That took about 2 and a half hours of clicking, dragging, and moving section by section. Oye. In the end, though I think the new store looks a lot better.

Speaking of a new store look, I also decided the other day to add some new black and white photos to the ones already up. This time I felt it was time to add some guys to the mix, and I haven't been disappointed. I only have 1-2 more photos left and then I'll be all done. Of course I had to have a little fun with the photos I took today. ;-)

One of them in particular I JUST had to save and Photoshop because it was too precious to pass up.


And yes, this is his new profile picture. LOL



Oh she knows
She takes his hand
And prays the child will understand
At the door they watch the men go by
In the clothes that daddy wore

Mother's pride
Baby boy
His father's eyes
He's a soldier waiting for war
Time will come
He'll hold a gun
His father's son

And as he grows
He hears the band
Takes the step from boy to man
And at the shore she waves her son goodbye
Like the man she did before

Mother's pride
Just a boy
His country's eyes
He's a soldier waving at the shore
And in her heart the time has come
To lose a son

And all the husbands, all the sons, all the lovers gone
They make no difference
No difference in the end
Still hear the woman say your daddy died a hero
In the name of god and man

Mother's pride
Crazy boy
His lifeless eyes
He's a soldier now forevermore
He'll hold a gun till kingdom come

Mother's Pride ~ George Michael



So today had its mixture of ups and downs. The biggest downer is that once again my Thursday event at SR was slow. It's a real pain since I have my own sponsored event there every other Thursday afternoon. I finally had the ultimate insult thrown in my face today as one of the gift card winners declined my offer for the card saying he only wanted the cash prize that was given to 1st place. Wow. Just... wow. How about you just wipe your ass with the card while you're at it? :-/

Alternatively, the good things were actually quite good. I've started making some more black & white model pics for my shop (of the men this time so they're not left out). Got 2 done and 2-3 more to go. In the end I think it'll be a good mix of photos which will make the store look much classier.

I've also had some pleasant conversations with UC this week. There were laughs for sure that we usually have, but the overall feeling has been uplifting. Could mean something... could mean nothing. Either way I'm just enjoying the moments as they come. :-)

Oh and w00t Iron Man 2 is out tomorrow, y'all! Probably will see it Sunday morning here, but can't wait to see how it turns out. Can't be all bad though since just about anything that has Robert Downey Jr. in it is pure awesomeness. I'm just a little leery to see Scarlett Johanssen as Black Widow since the actual character is much older than the actress... but hey it's trumped by Samuel L Jackson (who's also awesome in any movie he's in) as Nick Fury so we shall see.

Let's instead enjoy RandomGuy's opinions on the upcoming Comic Movie Season:



Remember a while back I said I was going to leave the 60L Weekend Gig because it has so many problems? Well after talking a bit with Kinu of Sassy Kitty Designs (whom is also one of the awesome Hosts at SR) and she got me involved with the Silent Lion Troupe which instead is a group of designers who will do a 75L sale for one day based on a month's theme. I'll certainly love the challenge of making a themed item every month, and there's some very talented designers involved with this project as well. :-) We'll see how it goes!

This is also the last pic you'll see if this version of my main store since Rosie finished the new one today. The actual build is only 15 meters larger but with the new layout it looks MUCH bigger than that. In fact I'll almost get that new back parcel to myself which will be nice. I'll be gradually moving stuff over by the weekend between the 849301548375328 other things I have to do but in the end I think it'll be worth it.



Dang have I hit 500 posts already? Who woulda thought I had that much stuff to say. Only took 2 and a half years of me blabbing about everything from stupid pet peeves to designers I tend to drool on about on a regular basis. But I still have 204 more photos to do for this 365 day thing so we're gonna keep trudging on until at least then.

I didn't know what to blog about today at first, but then after a couple conversations with Lianne and later on Casper today, I had something in mind.

Much more frequently at Sanctuary Rock in particular I'm getting hit on by patrons whom are newer to SL. I've been stalked just in the past 5 days by 2 guys who saw fit to call me "Babe" or "Baby" within 2 minutes of meeting me and just couldn't seem to get a clue that I wasn't interested. Eventually had to mute them both because they wouldn't leave me alone.

I know I do my best to make my Avatar look good. Heck sometimes I'm sitting there making an outfit for an event for almost an hour because I'm so darn anal. But by the same token, there's a fine line between 'sexy' and 'hoochie' and I try to never cross it even if the club event calls for more sexy outfits. I'm fine with the occasional comment that my outfit is sexy or even classy, but geez sometimes I just wanna wear a huge burlap sack. :-P

And then there's something Casper told me about one of his tenants.

[21:56] Casper Priestman: she was discussing tossing her partner from the rental and breaking up..and I was expounding the benefits of being single and drama free..and BLAMMO...she hits on me
[21:56] Casper Priestman: doh
[21:56] Guenevere DeCuir: double doh!
[21:57] Guenevere DeCuir: Looks like she dumped him from her partner box already
[21:58] Guenevere DeCuir: wow and she's already on the prowl by the looks of her profile. Sheeeeesh
[21:59] Casper Priestman: yeah she was saying she's one that can't be single...has to be with someone

It's an interesting concept to be sure. Folks who absolutely -must- be in a relationship in SL to give it meaning. I've even had people (including Casper) ask me about this very concept concerning myself. The thing is... I've never been overly concerned about having a name in my partner box. It's NICE, but not a supreme priority in my SL. I've only had 3 names in that box since I started SL, and one was as a joke so that one is kinda moot. Sadly I did have a lot of folks pester me about when UC and I were gonna get partnered and that got old really fast. We decided not to. End of story. I've already blogged on that very concept anyways.

There are a few things I do miss about being with someone, however. Being able to go dancing and have wonderful conversations with that person while wearing your gala best and twirling around the floor. Exploring new Sims and sharing that experience with them. To login and there's a little token of sweetness left there which reminds you that you're loved by that person. And most of all, just to have someone say they love you without even thinking twice about saying it.

I've only found that type of person a very small number of times in SL, but each of those times I've shared with them have been precious.

So maybe I'm just too picky about finding (or keeping) that perfect someone... but that's not necessarily a bad thing.



Nothing to see here. Just us Stalwart Twittery Sparrow Addicts.



This is what I get for being too curious when I am doing many things at once.

There was this land parcel right behind my shop which was being used by another shop owner for ages. Because of this weird chunk of land, the Shopatorium had this crazy angled area that Rosie & Marx could do nothing about. Rosie had asked the owner on multiple occasions if she could have the land (but the owner refused to let it go) and this same owner was using a ton of particle emitters which made the whole Sim laggy as hell.

So I pop on and go to the store this morning to put out some new product and suddenly I see that the ugly shop in that back corner was gone! Just a blank spot with a stone platform to show to size. Of course I IM Rosie as soon as I click on the land and see it's up for sale. About an hour later she pops on and snatches it up.

Now the Shopatorium has no more crazy angled corner, the mall itself can stretch out a bit, AND we can finally move down and expand my store so that Rosie has room to expand hers!


Above is me celebrating while Rosie expands the ground to fill all that new space. ;-)


Welp I got my article in to slGoth magazine in time, and I got wonderful praise for it... but then the Editor in Chief decided to not use it. Her reasoning is that she didn't want to use a fashion article that focuses on one designer.

She did at least allow me to use what I wrote on here so it's become my daily post since I just couldn't let it (or the photos) go to waste. Hope you guys enjoy the result.


VaMpArT: The Light & Dark Side of the Female Form
by Guenevere DeCuir

When you wander around the Second Life grid, often you are left wondering where you can find the perfect clothes to fit your particular choice of Avatar look. If you've chosen a more Goth approach, it can be hard to find an outfit that is both "sexy" and yet still maintains that darker edge. This problem was solved with the introduction of the VaMpArT clothing line.

VaMpArT is the brainchild of Wynternight Xingjian & Casper Priestman whom both had the thought that, "...walking the earth a few thousand years doesn't mean you have to look it." Wynternight has a background in pencil & Fantasy Art while Casper has computer graphics & 3D Modeling experience. Mixing the two was like a match made in heaven hell. In 2008 they decided to make it reality in Second Life and have been creating uniquely irresistible Gothic outfits and accessories ever since.


The entire clothing line is made with the alluring textures of leather, lace, satin, velvet, sheer and even the occasional metal grommets, buckles, and chains to draw your eyes in even further. The clothing portions of each design have been created to compliment each elegant curve and arc of the female form. Tightly laced corsets and flowing skirts exhibit incredibly elegant detailing such as ornate filigree stitching and buttons.


The most appealing aspect to this clothing line is perhaps that they are perfect for both those who prefer either the shadows of night or the warmth of the day. The dusky shades in each outfit range from the darkest blacks to rich reds, browns and greens. Many also have varying degrees of exposed skin depending entirely on how much or how little you wish to show off. You don't -have- to be a vampire to wear these designs. They're all just as perfectly enjoyable if you're a furry, faerie, faun, neko or even an elf like me.


Of course, both Wynter and Casper do have a wicked sense of humor. Occasionally you'll find a whimsical holiday outfit sitting on the wall complete with pasties and sometimes even a teeny, tiny thong to keep onlookers guessing. So far they've snuck in barely there outfits for Halloween, St. Patrick's Day and most recently Christmas.


Enchanted yet? Since VaMpArT got its start almost 2 years ago they've managed to gradually gain a loyal fanbase among many folks with greatly varied tastes in style. Still… they do remain true to their Goth roots and continue to produce amazing designs. They are in the works of creating more male designs in the future so that you Gothly men won't be left out of all the fun. Regardless, VaMpArT is a Second Life Brand to keep an eye on… whether you hide in the dark of night or bask in the warm sunshine of the day.


Guenevere DeCuir is the owner and designer of CoLLisions Tattoos & Accessories as well as a DJ & Club Manager in Second Life.



Photo 1

Outfit: VaMpArT ~ Huntress
Hair: Deviant Kitties ~ Misty in Blood Red
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva in Tone 4 ~ #05
Ears: Schadenfreude ~ Fey Ears, Ankhs & Plugs (No Longer Available)
Necklace: Balderdash ~ Oak & Ash Necklace (Lucky Chair Item)
Navel Ring: CoLLisions ~ Endless Affection
Boots: First Flower ~ Valerian Girls Boots in Black
Location: Botanical at Straylight

Photo 2

Outfit: VaMpArT ~ LoveBites
Hair: Deviant Kitties ~ Sawa in Blood Red
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva in Tone 4 ~ #10
Ears: Schadenfreude ~ Fey Ears, Ankhs & Plugs (No Longer Available)
Location: Botanical at Straylight

Photo 3

Outfit: VaMpArT ~ FredriKa
Hair: Damselfly ~ Klavdiya in Ruby Twilight Warm
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva in Tone 4 ~ #05
Navel Ring: CoLLisions ~ Endless Affection
Boots: Eclipse ~ Reisen Boots
Location: Botanical at Straylight

Photo 4

Outfit: VaMpArT ~ DeadDolly
Hair: Celestial Studios ~ Veronica II in Ember
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva in Tone 4 ~ #10
Ears: Schadenfreude ~ Fey Ears, Ankhs & Plugs (No Longer Available)
Navel Ring: CoLLisions ~ Endless Affection
Boots: Fiction & Chaos ~ Stygian Boots
Location: Botanical at Straylight



I know I haven't been too wordy lately. In reality I've been worn out between work & play the past few days. I got a Store Hunt starting (hopefully) Monday that I haven't even started the products for. Got a Gridwide Hunt starting on the 13th that I have to finish. And of course the store needs new product in general.

I did at least finish one thing on Friday morning. A Nose Chain that UC had asked me to make 2 years ago. Yeah... 2 YEARS ago. I felt at the time I couldn't make it just right for him and so it sat in my 'projects to finish' agenda for ages. Finally I got the urge to get it done this week. Dunno why exactly... but it would be one less thing on my plate and really UC's waited long enough for the darn thing.

I think he likes it, tho he's gonna probably kill me for posting this picture. ;-)