52 Colours: Sky Blue

I think everyone is jumping for joy that there's not another brown-ish tone this week for Luna's Colour Challenge. ;-)


I pretty knew what I wanted to wear from the beginning as I've love, love, LOVED the Milli Gowns from Evie's Closet (I think I own 4 of them now). When I saw she placed out a special edition at FFL in a soft blue shade I just knew that it would be the perfect one for my pic this week.

Of course it's only fair that I also took the photo at the FFL with the amazing grey backgrounds which make all the wonderful clothing there stand out. Yeah I know it made the dress come out a little more purple than blue, but trust me the soft blue shade is amazing.


Plenty of time to still get over there and grab some beautiful creations for charity! :-)

All the Schtuff Guen's Got On:

Hair: Truth ~ Krystal in Blood
Skin: Tuli ~ Eva Orbit in Fair
Eyes: Exodi ~ Zbilja 2.0 Eyes in Ocean Blue
Eylashes: Dutch Touch ~ MaAn Lashes
Ears: Balderdash & Schadenfreude ~ Etherial Fey Ears
Necklace: Rebel Xtravaganza ~ Seashell Necklace (Freebie!)
Dress: Evie's Closet ~ Milli Gown in Coconut Ice (FFL Charity Item)


1st Photo: Olive Juice
2nd Photo: SEmotions (Part of my AO)

Taken at the Arbus Sim (Fashion for Life)

Who Will Watch Over You...

I was given news the other night about a former Sanctuary Rock staff member whom over the years had lost her way and last week chose to take her own life. I personally did not know her very well, but some of my friends and loved ones did.

Suicide is never an easy subject to talk about, but there are plenty of people in the world who think about doing it at least once during their lifetime. I know I've thought about it more than just once over the years due to various events, but in the end I was either too scared to do it... or an event soon after managed to persuade me not to. I believe that after witnessing the deaths of so many other loved ones over the years, I've convinced myself that life is worth enjoying and that you, yourself, have to make it that way.

Still... hearing about her death has struck a chord in my heart for some reason. Probably because what little I did interact with her she seemed to be crying out for help, and yet many did nothing but ignore or complain about her. I hope that in the next life that she finally finds the happiness she couldn't have in this one...

For now, however, she will be one of many spirits to watch over us.

We will miss you, Silverbow...

Happy Leprechaun Day!

St Patricks 2011

May you have warm words on a cold evening, a full moon on a dark night, and a smooth road all the way to your door.


52 Colours: Umber

I know I'm uber late this time with my colour post this week... but sometimes other things get in the way of playing dress up and doing pretty photos. ;-) Still... the colour challenge has become like crack for me, and I get antsy if I haven't done my outfit yet. Luckily this one I planned ahead on.


I decided to make this week a proper salute to Frick which will be closing, sadly, at the end of March. I've blogged Fricka's skins almost as much as I've blogged Tuli's skins. Her creativity and unique ideas have always made us wonder and eventually squeal with glee. I'm super glad that hyasynth & Rose popped me over to Frick one strange night to grab a Lucky Board item. I'll never forget it. :-)


Fricka has all her items available at 50% off (or more!) until she officially closes her doors April 1st. I suggest you do at least wander over and take a look at her amazing work before they're all gone.


All the Schtuff Guen's Got On:

Hair: Magika ~ Nayla in PCF Red (tinted a lil' bit darker *^_^*)
Skin: Frick ~ Brass L'Exposition in Blush w/ Dark Brows
Eyes: Frick ~ Clockwork Eyes in Brown
Ears: Schadenfreude ~ Fey Ears
Nails: Schadenfreude ~ Ripe Apple Manicure
Mouth Nom: Sanu ~ Year of the Rabbit Calligraphy Brush
Necklace: Sable Rose ~ Olivia Necklace w/Chain in Warm
Bracelets: Zaara ~ Patra Silver Wire Bracelets in Clear
Dress: Frick ~ Dead Leaves Dress
Stockings: Attitudes ~ Madeleine Tan Stockings (Seamed)
Shoes: Sassy Kitty Designs ~ Witch Cross Boots

Backdrop: Frick ~ Autumn Skybox

1st: Comes with the Skybox :-)
2nd: Olive Juice
3rd: flowey


Oh and on a totally unrelated note...

It's also no mystery that I greatly admire Chestnut Rau. Her honesty, brilliance and eye for beauty has always inspired and amazed me. It seems that her awesomeness has been passed down to the next generation. All I can say is... her son, Gavin, is who I wanna be when I grow up. :-)

Sometimes You Wonder...

I just love Elizabeth May's Photography... but a lot of you know that already.

Although I would love to make another post about her work, this is more about a recent event that this photo reminded me of. An event that still has me extremely confused and yet left completely powerless to do anything.

I had started to become close friends with one of many regulars at Sanctuary Rock. He and I had spoken a little bit over time, he even asked me for a custom tattoo a while back. Suddenly a couple weeks ago he needed someone to chat with about some things that were bothering him, and I was more than willing to offer an ear (or a chat box as they say).

After that he offered me not only a new outfit as a gift, but also a new skin (yes a -skin-) of my choosing. Yes I tried to turn him down for both 'cause I didn't feel I deserved such gratitude, but he gave me the Lindens anyways and I would have been more of a cow if I'd not used them (or gave them back).

But then he got into a really bad altercation with another SR Staff Member, and was told to not return to the club. After hearing about this, I chose to speak with him in length about it to try and figure out what happened (at least from his perspective).

So then a couple of days pass, and then suddenly he IMs me asking why I was flying around a particular spot of land. Truthfully, I was confirming a rumour that one of the SR Sponsors had closed up their shop (and didn't bother to tell me) so I was checking the last known Landmark I had for said shop. Well I guess he thought I was either a complete idiot or a liar (a complete 180° of his attitude from just a few days before) about why I was at this location. I am then removed from his friend list and completely disregarded.

I just find it to be a huge shame that trust can be broken so quickly. I am also not exactly pleased that after all my efforts to not make assumptions and attempt to truth about a sensitive situation, I have the exact opposite done to me by the very person I was trying to help. Makes you wonder if offering kindness to certain people is really worth it anymore... especially in this age of the internet where things can be said and done without any thought of remorse.

A Walk Through Windows Memory Lane...

I guess he did this just to see if it would actually work. How he found all the older versions is a mystery to me.

52 Colours: Ecru


Okay so Ecru is another one of those colours that's strictly up to interpretation. I always have seen it in more of an "off-white" palette rather than brown or beige. Still... just to be fair I decided to show both the dark and light sides of the shade this time.

I found inspiration first in this new dress from Violent Seduction and then in a beautiful new elven skin from The Plastik for Fifty Linden Friday. Something about mixing Victorian with Fantasy just made me twinge with excitement. :-)

Oh and I did have a front shot of this outfit as well, but it just wasn't nearly as magical as this one so I dropped it.

All the Schtuff Guen's Got On:

Hair: Crimson + Clover ~ Crinaeae in White (Sadly the store is no more)
Skin: The Plastik ~ Ataciara Elven Valah Hominid in Light
Eyes: Frick ~ Clockwork Eyes in Brown
Outfit: Violent Seduction ~ Muse in Faun

Pose: Glitterati

~ Taken at Two Sisters Market